Australia’s Got Talent delivers another Golden Buzzer

Australia’s Got Talent delivers another Golden Buzzer

It was another big episode of Australia’s Got Talent last night.

High-flying acro-dancers AKrobatiKa nailed their routine, giving a nostalgic Manu goosebumps and earning his Golden Buzzer.

The passionate Central Coast troupe have members of all ages and backgrounds, from all over Australia. Studio director/team coach Jo Cotterill describes working with her AKrobatiKa family as “one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life” and wants to see them succeed in their lives inside and outside the studio.

Nicole Scherzinger: “Wow. There’s so much talent on that stage, it was like a visual warrior feast up there.”

Lucy Durack: “My mind has just been blown into a million tiny Egyptian gold pieces. I loved it!”

Shane Jacobson: “I feel like I’ve just sat through an entire show. There was dance but the acrobatics were so beautifully melded into it. You guys are awesome.”

Manu Feildel: “I was in the circus when I was a young kid and the act you just did blew my mind. So technical, so perfect, just wow! Every time I see something like this it gives me goosebumps.”

HUMMINGSONG CHOIR – 350-strong Female Choir

  • Nicole: “That was so unbelievably powerful. It was quite spiritual for me so thank you so much for that.”
  • Lucy: “That was one of my favourite, most beautiful experiences. It was just such a gift for all of us watching here and at home so thank you from the bottom of my heart every single one of you.”
  • Shane: “I wish my sons were here to witness that… I wish my daughter was here and my wife was here as well. I can’t speak.”

KOOKIES ‘N’ KREAM – Adult Dance Crew

  • Nicole: “Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I came all the way to Australia for. This is the best dance group I have seen so far on this stage.”
  • Lucy: “It was electric! Every single one of you gave it your all. I am so impressed. I loved it!”
  • Shane: “Whoever did your choreography it was fantastic. There was stuff I’ve never seen before. Seriously everyone smash each other on the back because you deserve that.”
  • Manu: “I am just so jealous, I want to be able to do that. Fantastic.”

LIL KOOKIES – Junior Dance Crew

  • Nicole: “Wow, that was crazy, seriously, like y’all took it to a whole other level.”
  • Shane: “Please stay as a crew and enjoy this. You have an incredible gift and you’re fantastic at it.”
  • Lucy: “I had very high expectations because you look so great and then you just smashed them out of the ballpark. I really, really want to see more.”
  • Manu: “I really love the attitude, fantastic guys, fantastic indeed.”


UMIT BALI – Comedian

  • Manu: “You did a great job.”
  • Lucy: “That was so much fun, I had the best time and I don’t know many comedians who can get the audience to pound their feet like this audience were. You are a comic hit!”
  • Shane: “The thing that I love is a comedian who’s actually funny in life and you have been funny before your act and after it which means you’ve got it, it’s in your bones. You own that space, you made us feel comfortable, you made us laugh, that was your job and you did it, well done.”



  • Lucy: “I have never ever seen anything like that. That mix of the worlds was just so magical.”
  • Shane: “What so many people don’t get is you’ve got to give people a show. You’ve got skill and if you bolt a show to that then you’ve got true entertainment and you did, you bolted both of them together fantastically.”
  • Nicole: “First of all you are one righteous babe mum, like seriously you had a child six months ago and look at you just moon walking it up there with your six pack. I loved it so much, it was incredibly creative.”
  • Manu: “I just absolutely loved it. Your strength and your energy was unbelievable.”


DEMIAN ADITYA – Escape Artist

  • Nicole: “Demian, if you didn’t die, I was just about to kill you. Oh my god, I was seriously in tears.”
  • Shane: “I don’t like you very much. It’s the ultimate compliment because I genuinely thought it had gone horribly wrong, so you can go to hell for that. I thought I was going to witness the death of someone and what I just witnessed is the birth of a great illusionist. Without a doubt the best illusion I’ve seen on this stage.”
  • Lucy: “That was the most death-defying act I have ever seen; I am completely astounded.”
  • Manu: “My heart was racing a thousand kilometres an hour and I had my phone in my hand for triple zero too.”


D. MINOR – Rapper

  • Nicole: “I love Australia’s Got Talent because it gives a platform and a stage for people like you who came from the streets and now everyone in the whole world gets to hear your voice and your message and how powerful it is.”
  • Lucy: “To be able to take a really dark and hard and difficult time and out of that make something beautiful… that was a truly magical moment, thank you.”
  • Shane: “Hopefully the message you just put out will remind everybody that people who are homeless… so many do not choose to be there. You’re a perfect reminder and an amazing ambassador for those people.”
  • Manu: “I cook for homeless people, I bring my son with me and what you did today… I hope it’s going to open other people’s eyes.”