Inside Story July 16

Inside Story July 16

This week Inside Story looks at the Road to Happiness.

Bessie Bardot was one of the hottest “It” girls around.  She ran a successful Sydney modelling agency, was the go-to-girl for sex and relationship advice and was the queen of the red carpet. 

But, then Bessie and her husband, former television Gladiator, Geoff Barker, decided to give it all away, literally. They got rid of their worldly possessions, then packed themselves and their baby daughter, Bluebelle, into a Winnebago and hit the road in search of a more fulfilling life. 

It was a worldwide odyssey around Australia, through Europe and across America. And, naturally enough, they took their camera with them. More than anything, Bessie and Geoff wanted Bluebelle to be educated in a totally different way, untainted by the superficial world they had very much been a part of. On the road, there’s no tv, no classrooms and no rules.

Six years later, we catch up with Bessie, Geoff and six-year-old Bluebelle and we discover they truly are on the road to happiness.

 7:30 PM Thursday on Nine