I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here kicks a goal with two new arrivals

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here kicks a goal with two new arrivals

Tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! was a delight so let’s break it down

From important chats about disabilities and mental illness, to a blossoming romance and two new faces…what more could you want?

Funny girls Nikki Osborne and Charlotte Crosby got serious discussing their personal experience with autism. Nikki became emotional when discussing her seven-year-old son Teddy, and how his first diagnosis affected her. Charlotte could identify, opening up to Nikki and the wider group about her brother Nathaniel’s condition.

The sexual tension between Ryan and Charlotte is so palpable, you’ll need to excuse us as we wipe down our television screen. Ryan teased Charlotte about her ex-boyfriend Josh Ritchie and Charlotte admitted she has poor taste in men. Whilst she strongly argued against Ryan’s claim that Josh got Botox, she did admit he was a bit of a home sloth.

Proving their connection is more than just wisecracks and playful banter, Ryan and Charlotte discussed their personal battles with anxiety. Later, Charlotte admitted her crush on Ryan to in-camp bestie Tanya Hennessy, so watch  this space.

The gloves did come off between Charlotte and Tom Williams after Charlotte accused Tom of pre-judging her. When discussing her work and a future trip to Australia, Tom made an assumption it was to come Down Under to party. Well, obvi, but Charlotte argued that there is more to her and her career than that. She might of started out guzzling Jager bombs on Geordie Shore, but she is now a business woman.

If there is one thing Tom is more afraid of than Charlotte, it’s snakes. Which is why they jumped at the opportunity for an in-camp demonstration from a wildlife safety officer and venom expert. Pulling a puff adder and black mamba out in the same nature we pull clothes from a suitcase, Tom was not happy . But, like the great Shane Warne-caresses-spider-and-conquers-fear incident of 2016, Tom faced his ophiophobia head-on by touching the snake and impressing the rest of his campmates.

Two new campmates crashed camp football legends Billy Brownless and Dale Thomas and the sporting superstars were put through the trenches in the trial, House Gruels. Tethered together back-to-back, Billy and Dale had to manoeuvre their way through a house with flickering lights that was overrun with different types of creepy crawlies. Annoyingly they smashed it. 10 stars and lots of food for camp

Tomorrow Charlotte, Miguel and Erin play around in elephant snot.