Hughesy, We Have A Problem sets January return date

Fans of Hughesy, We Have A Problem will be happy to see the show return in 2 weeks time.

 Hughesy is here to solve all the problems that a juice cleanse and gratitude journal can’t. He’s assembled a panel of the funniest comedians around and is ready to unpack the messiness of modern life.

Each week, members of the audience, the panel, special celebrity guests and even Hughesy himself share the qualms and questions that plague us all.

Helping Hughesy find the answers is a top-notch couch-filled with Australia’s funniest comedians including Amanda Keller, Tommy Little, Tanya Hennessy, Denise Scott, Nazeem Hussain and Ross Noble.

So while the fall out of those ‘New Year, New Me’ expectations may have left you with 99 problems, something to watch on a Monday night sure isn’t one of them.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem Starts Monday 20 January At 9.00pm on 10.