Hunted takes out Three Fugitives

Hunted takes out Three Fugitives

With four fugitive teams still on the run, and eight days remaining, Hunted HQ ramped up its efforts. They wanted a clean sweep, and tonight they cleaned up with three fugitives captured:

Following a phone intercept, Ground Hunters descended on the Harcourt North property where they suspected Puneet and Kris were staying. Puneet and Kris believed their location had been compromised, and managed to escape in the nick of time. Their strategy was to return to the safety of Melbourne’s Indian community, with Puneet reaching out to a friend, also named Puneet, to assist in their next move.

The Hunters finally began to close in on Nick and Lavinia, who have largely been off grid, tracking them to their friend Paddy’s farm. Feeling comfortable, Nick and Lavinia visited a local winery, but their idyllic scene was shattered when a call from Paddy came through – the Hunters were at the farm – forcing Nick and Lavinia to bolt with little but a borrowed Ute and the clothes on their backs. Unaware that HQ was tracking their vehicle, they headed for Warragul.

With just five days remaining, HQ turned their attention again to Puneet and Kris, deciding to re-examine old leads. HQ placed friend Puneet D’s phone on full intercept, tracking him to a residential address in Oakleigh. In a flurry of activity, Team Bravo busted into the flat, capturing Puneet and Kris.

With just three days of the run remaining, Nick and Lavinia needed to keep moving, donning disguises and heading to the Warragul train station. Lavinia spotted the Hunters from the bus and, in a panic, the pair tried to get off. Nick jumped off the bus, but Lavinia stayed on and watched as the Hunters took off after her fiancé, upset to have seemingly thrown Nick to the wolves.

After a lengthy foot chase, Nick was captured and his time on the run was over. He protected Lavinia to the end, telling the Hunters they had split up earlier that morning to see the run out separately. 

Five fugitives remain on the run when Hunted continues tomorrow night.


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