Beauty and The Geek kicks off Finale Week

Beauty and The Geek kicks off Finale Week

It’s the final week and soon one of our six remaining couples will be walking away with $100,000. After coming back to Sydney from Life Swap, it’s straight into a challenge where the couples will produce content for the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok.

The teams all work well together. Mike combines his love of film with Heidi’s fascination with her dream journal. Aaron’s passion for romantic novels and Karly’s love of trash reality TV results in a comedy scene from The Notebook. Michael and Tara collaborate to create a feminist fairytale. 

Anthony and Tegan come up with a dancing scene for Harry Potter, while Christopher and Bri get mystical and perform a spiritual Yu-Gi-Oh card reading. Finally, Jason and Emily combine their talents to perform a flight-safety video. Jason and Emily are chosen as the winners.

Emily takes Jason ice skating for their date and afterwards Emily reveals to Jason her insecurities with body image. He is surprised but supportive and together they realise they can help each other find self-acceptance.

Over the course of the experience, two of the remaining six couples, Mike and Heidi and Michael and Tara, have formed a romantic connection. “Relationship Expert” Sophie Monk invites our two romantically involved couples up onto the couch to determine whether there is a future outside the experience. They all reveal they want to continue their connection after the experience, with Michael and Tara declaring their relationship “official”.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Karly are anxious that they may end up in the bottom two, so Karly gives Aaron a lesson in manifestation and positive thinking.

At the mixer, Sophie announces the two couples who will battle it out in the elimination quiz: Mike and Heidi and Christopher and Bri. Bri is worried that Mike and Heidi might have the competitive edge due to their romantic connection. But it’s a tearful goodbye for much loved couple Mike and Heidi, who leave the experience after finding a special friendship and a romantic spark.


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