Hughesy, We Have A Problem April 17

Tonight Hughesy, We Have A Problem discovers marriage proposals do not always go to plan and, sometimes, not at all. 

When a viewer asks if it is still taboo for a woman to propose to her boyfriend, Hughesy and his hilarious guest panel analyse all the to-do surrounding “I do”.

Beloved comedians and proposal experts Anne Edmonds, Matt Okine, Kate Langbroek and Dave Thornton are here to help Hughesy solve Australia’s wedding woes.

Other issues up for discussion include how to shut up noisy neighbours, keeping strangers from kissing your baby and, on a serious note, Kate Langbroek discusses the night burglars broke into her home.

Also tonight, a special celebrity guest appearance from Ian Smith, best known for his long-running role as Harold Bishop from Neighbours.

Hughesy We have a Problem airs 8:30 pm tonight on Ten