Bachelor in Paradise heats up with four departures

Tonight Bachelor in Paradise dealt a few surprises and not all of them were good.

With Keira and Jarrod spending time together, and Tara and Sam, Ali and Grant, Luke and Lisa, and Megan and Jake all in relationships, paradise is crowded with happy couples.

But then Thomas from The Bachelorette Canada arrived in paradise. His good looks and charming personality had the girls talking, even those in a relationship. Bearing a date card, Thomas took Megan aside for the first chat, making Jake feel quite nervous. The pair had great chemistry and Megan could not help but feel attracted to him.

After giving his rose to Lisa at the last rose ceremony, Michael was tired of waiting for an answer, so he asked to speak with Lisa alone.  Putting his heart on the line, Michael told Lisa he was still interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her. Unfortunately for Michael, the feelings were not mutual and Lisa told him she was happy with Luke. With no reason to stay in paradise, Michael made the tough decision to pack his bags.

After her conversation with Michael, Lisa realised there was nothing left for her to do in paradise as she had found love with Luke. When she asked Luke if he would leave with her, he was hesitant and did not want to rush things.

While Lisa packed her bags, Luke had some time to think about what he wanted. In the end, he decided to take a chance and leave paradise with Lisa.

With Elora and Simone still fighting over the same man – Apollo – Elora was excited to receive a date card and picked Apollo. They left to enjoy a romantic, decadent date while Simone remained in paradise, hoping Apollo would not fall for Elora.

After their great conversation, Thomas decided to ask Megan on a date. While she was intrigued by him, Megan politely declined as she did not want to betray Jake. Taken aback  by Megan’s rejection, Thomas then asked Leah, who told him she did not feel a romantic connection, so he asked Simone, who also declined.

After three rejections, Thomas was left feeling sad and sorry for himself, until Jarrod, Apollo and Sam devised a plan to cheer him up with a boy’s day out.

The remaining bachelorettes were sitting by the pool when Elora told the girls that Jared had left a secret love note on her bed. Feeling special, the note gave Elora a confidence boost and reassured her there may be other options if things do not work out with Apollo.

At the cocktail party, the truth came out when Ali asked Jared about the letter. He had no idea what she was talking about, so the group investigated who was behind it. Elora was devastated when Eden owned up to writing the letter under Jared’s name. Hurt and upset, Elora could not understand why someone would do such a thing.

At the rose ceremony, Simone gave a rose to Apollo, Leah gave a rose to Jared, Tara gave a rose to Sam, Ali gave a rose to Grant, Keira gave a rose to Jarrod and Megan gave a rose to Jake.

When it was Elora’s turn, she was left to choose between Eden and Thomas. After much deliberation, she decided to forgive Eden and picked him, leaving Thomas without a rose.

Tomorrow night new arrivals Sasha and Rachael from Richie’s season of The Bachelor Australia arrive in paradise.