Hot. Chaotic. Loud

Hot. Chaotic. Loud

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition has begun

Tonight, eleven celebrities kicked off the race with their nearest and dearest, swapping five-star luxury for the chaotic streets of New Delhi. From Bec Judd to Jana Pittman, Grant Denyer to Ben and Jackie Gillies, these famous faces laced up their joggers to win the ultimate prize – $100,000 for their chosen charity. But it will not be easy.

The heart of India, New Delhi, is a city on steroids. It’s hot, it’s hectic, it’s loud and when you cram 32 million people into it, this chaos is no place for the rich and famous, so obviously, it made for the perfect start for our celebrity teams.

For the first challenge, teams had to ride in Tuk Tuks and race across the city before having to hunt down several local goods in the maze-like markets. In this Detour teams had to choose between two challenges, each with its own pros and cons.

Teams who chose Wedding Dish had to memorise intricate wedding outfits, and with no stylist involved, this Detour required good memory and attention to detail. Option two was Chicken Dish; using a shopping list to purchase five ingredients, this required strong navigation and smart carrying skills around the busiest market in town.

If we didn’t already mention it, it was hot. Like real hot. From the get go, host and actor Darren McMullen was frothing on the chaos, King George was suspicious (to put it lightly) of over eager street sellers, and Bec Judd was craving an iced latte.

George and his sister Pam were quick to form an alliance with Olympian, Jana Pittman, and her 16 year old son Cor, the youngest racer in The Amazing Race Australia history. But nek minute, Jana ditched George and simultaneously gained herself a nemesis.

The Wedding Wish challenge seemed simple on the surface, but when it comes to Indian accessories, less is not more, as Former Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies and his television personality wife Jackie Gillies found out, after failing at several attempts. Upon completing the Detour, Pam suffered heat stroke, but following some mediocre words of encouragement aka ultra tough love from her bro George, she was able to push on.

For two boys who normally get their food via Uber Eats, reality TV stars Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs, smashed the Chicken Dish shopping challenge and were quickly in the lead. Racing alongside her sister Hayley, Emma Watkins couldn’t wiggle her way out of this one and carried those tomatoes like they were hot potatoes. “It girls” Bec Judd and her sister Kate Twigley had to press pause on their shopping expedition when Kate succumbed to the 40 degree heat. Comedian Dane Simpson and his dad, Bow, the oldest racer in The Amazing Race Australia history, struggled with the heat and weight of the grocery shop, but drew on the strength of their bond to keep going.

In the next challenge, teams left the chaos of the market to hang out with local children at a pool to try to wrap their tongues around the native language. Alli Simpson took the opportunity to have a good old perv on Harry, under the approving eye of her mum Angie. Harry and Teddy were the first to complete the phrase challenge while stand-up comedians Peter Rowsthorn and his daughter Frankie thought it would be a good opportunity to chat cricket with the locals.

Using the phrase they just learnt, teams had to then direct their Tuk Tuk driver to a holy site where Beau was waiting.

Thanks to their Tuk Tuk tuking too long bro, race leaders Harry and Teddy, slipped to second place, allowing Darren and Tristan to be the first team to jump on the mat.

While Dane was praying for a challenge that involved a few beers and betting on the horses, knowing his dad Bow would excel at that, sadly that was not on the agenda today. They were last to reach the Pit Stop and the first team eliminated from the race.


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