Heat Review

Heat Review

Tonight, 10 begins the highly-anticipated four-part Australian drama Heat.

When we begin, Steve (Danny Dyer) is embarking on a family vacation with his wife Sarah (Pia Miranda) and two teenage children Mia (Matia Marks) and Tom (Matteo Annetta). Their destination is the house of family friends Brad (Darren McMullen), Louise (Jane Allsop) and son Kip (Hunter Hayden), to continue their yearly tradition.

While the reunion is a warm one, tensions quickly simmer under the surface.

Steve is hiding something, and Mia suspects he has been unfaithful to her mother. But Steve isn’t the only one keeping secrets, with Tom having a broken arm from a water slide and Mia becoming consumed with young love with Jet (Richie Morris).

Meanwhile a bushfire is on the horizon as temperatures soar and there’ll be more than just a bunch of secrets for these two families to worry about.

Created by Jason Herbison, the show’s opening hour is simmering with secrets ready to unravel. It’s a slow burn but picks up halfway through with plot twists that will keep you engaged.

The casting in stellar, bringing together fresh faces in Hunter Hayden and Matia Marks, with some of Australia’s stop talent in Jane Allsop and Pia Miranda.. It’s also nice to see former Neighbours star Richie Morris given a slightly edgier role, while McMullen and Dyer are given some great bromance moments on top of the must-watch drama.

Heat is one to put on your list.

3.5 Stars

Heat premieres tonight at 9:00pm on 10


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