Home and Away Celebrates 8000 Episodes

Home and Away Celebrates 8000 Episodes

Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) long-awaited wedding day has finally arrived, with the Bay’s hottest couple set to declare their love in an emotional ceremony on Home and Away

The joyous moment comes months after the star-crossed couple’s first failed attempt to wed, which left Felicity fighting for her life in a fiery car wreck.

The road to recovery saw Felicity battling her own trauma and guilt from the accident, culminating in a self-destructive drinking problem and the demise of her relationship with Tane. 

Any hope for the embattled couple reconnecting seemed all but lost, but after fleeing to her country hometown, Felicity was forced to process her inner demons. Determined to be happy and commit to the man she loves, Felicity proposed to a shocked Tane.

Back on track and sick of waiting for their bride tribe – Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) – to formulate wedding plans, Felicity and Tane decide to get married the next day.

In the unmissable 8,000th episode, Tane has a surprise up his sleeve for his glowing bride. With the help of Cash, he has secretly organised an intimate and traditional Māori wedding with a Kaikaranga (a woman who performs a welcome call) and poi dancers. A recently reunited Cash and Eden are the only ones to witness the picturesque ceremony, which takes place in the depths of the forest. In a loving nod to her fiancé’s culture, Felicity surprises Tane when she recites her wedding vows in te reo Māori.

When the newlyweds head to Salt to celebrate their special day with their closest friends, there’s one more surprise in store.

Don’t miss Tane and Felicity’s big day: a special wedding set to go down in Summer Bay history.

Home and Away airs 7.00pm Monday to Thursday on Channel 7


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