Hidden Immunity Idol Shatters an Alliance.

A hidden Immunity Idol played a key part in another blindside tonight on Survivor.

After successfully sending Steve “Commando” Willis home at the previous Tribal Council, Brian continued his rule of the roost as King Grub, maintaining a strong alliance with not only Monika, but also power couple Shonee and Fenella, affectionately known as “Shonella”.

At camp, Shane and Sharn remained acutely aware that their heads were on the chopping block. Following a failed plea to the “Shonella” alliance for a rebellion against Brian, a desperate search for a hidden Immunity Idol resulted in success for Sharn, granting the Criminal Barrister a secret weapon to keep her safe.

At the Immunity Challenge, each contestant was required to hang from a wooden pole on a horizontal axis. With gravity working against them, one-by-one the castaways fell to the muddy depths below, leaving Shonee and Brian to battle it out for Tribal Council safety. Despite Shonee’s best efforts, Brian’s sheer grit saw him take out his third Immunity win.

After the challenge, the majority alliance of Brian, Monika and “Shonella” debated splitting their votes. Quietly smug with an Immunity Idol hidden from everyone to see, Shane and Sharn put their best acting skills to good use, feigning worry and making last minute desperate pleas for safety from elimination.

Noting Shane and Sharn’s distressed antics, Brian overconfidently determined that neither of the women had an Idol in play, pushing for “Shonella” and Monika to change their minds and pile the votes upon Sharn, in a bid to send one of the major remaining Champion threats home.

At a tense Tribal Council, Sharn’s purposeful goading of Brian successfully saw him deviate from his alliance’s plan, leaving the majority of votes stacked against her name.

In a shocking and game-changing move, Sharn’s gleeful play of her hidden Immunity Idol saw Fenella become the first female member of the jury.

Upon her departure, Fenella said: “I think I’m still shocked. It will settle in soon that I don’t have a job and I didn’t win half a million dollars! Tonight I really wanted my alliance to do a split vote. Shonee and I were going to vote for Sharn, Monika and Brian were going to vote for Shane. What happened! I hope my girl Shonee makes it all the way. Now that I’m out of there, she will possibly go to the final two, I think she’s a good contender for it.”