Ambulance Australia Set for Tuesdays on Ten

Ten has revealed that its new documentary series, Ambulance Australia, premieres later this month

Ambulance Australia takes viewers through every step of the medical emergency. From the moment the call takers answer the triple zero call at the control centre, to the dispatchers managing the high-pressure logistics of getting crews to the patients, and on the road with the paramedics as they respond to the emergency and treat the injured and the ill.Ambulance Australia introduces the people behind every link in the emergency chain and explores the motivations, pressures and rewards that keep them in the business of saving lives.

With the emergency personnel never knowing what the next call may bring, they must prepare for every possible situation, and every potential outcome.

Ambulance Australia delves beyond the blue flashing lights to the heart and soul of the people devoted to helping others on the worst day of their lives.

Ambulance Australia  Premieres Tuesday, October 16 at 7.30pm on Ten.