Hell Week Begins on The Block

Hell Week Begins on The Block

IT’S Hell Week on The Block – hallways, laundries, power rooms and mud rooms must all be completed.

Rachel and Ryan wake up with a spring in their step after finally taking out a win for the living and dining room week and scoring two tens.

At the Domain Open for Inspections, Sharon isn’t happy after going into Rachel and Ryan’s house. She believes House No.3’s living and dining space was very similar to House No.2 and they were unfairly judged.

Jenny is also angry at the judges. She gave three judges full country style for their living and dining room and then they said it should be more contemporary. She is really struggling at the moment as she and Dylan have not had a win yet.

Sharon and Ankur are having issues with their builders Liam and Scotty again. She feels the builders aren’t pushing hard enough and always saying no to her ideas. She feels her builders are arrogant and she wished she got rid of them weeks ago.  Foreman Dan backs her up,  he thinks the builders aren’t doing the hard yards for the client and he doesn’t like their attitude.  The other issue in House No.3 that is building is the budget, it’s out of control.

Foreman Dan has had enough of dealing with Omar and Oz and makes his feelings known. They get shut down because they haven’t wrapped their house to protect it from the weather.  They then get Keith to do an inspection behind Dan’s back and he isn’t happy. Drama is brewing.  Dan isn’t happy with the state of their house.

Jenny also isn’t happy with Dan, who has a crack at them for leaving CSR gyprock outside in the mud and not protected. Jenny tries to explain herself and ends up so frustrated she walks off on Dan and Dylan follows. She is in tears.

More drama for Ankur and Sharon. Keith has gotten wind that Ankur has been complaining about the fact Keith slowed them down and that is why they didn’t finish their living and dining room space last week. However Keith was just helping them take off the scaffolding and staying back overtime and he is absolutely furious about it. He feels betrayed.

At the Winners and Grinners dinner, Sarah-Jane calls a financial audit which was triggered by Omar and Oz buying their baby grand piano for $7500. Block rules stipulate that you can’t get more than a 50 percent discount with anything on The Block, and the boys broke this rule.

So it’s a tense end to the night in what has been an action-packed couple of days on The Block.


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