A detour on the road to real love

A detour on the road to real love

Romantic overnight dates paved the way for heartbreak as three partners said goodbye in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

Leish was stoked to spend the night with Farmer Ben on a house boat, calling it the “golden ticket of dates”. But when Ben asked if she was willing to leave behind her life in Brisbane for the farm, the 31-year-old hospital administrator replied: “It can’t just be at the drop of a hat. We have to experience our connection and relationship outside of all of this, because real life happens after the decision,” leaving Ben with more questions than answers.

As part of their romantic glamping date, Farmer Will had arranged a special movie under the stars for 26-year-old dental nurse Jess: “I reached out to some of Jess’s closest friends and family and they put together a nice little video.”

Farmer Harry’s last date with 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte included a windmill and a bath, just like in McLeod’s Daughters, his dream date. 

Farmer Paige and 27-year-old underground driller Cody’s romantic first date in a bubble tent ended with a kiss, while Farmer Benjamin was conflicted over having feelings for all three of his ladies.  

Hoping his date with 32-year-old flower farmer Erin would help him choose his final two, Benjamin said: “What I have to be asking myself is, is this connection the same as the connection that I have with Lyndsay, or the ever-strengthening connection I have with Hannah?”

As the final decision approached, Benjamin’s torn heartstrings took a backseat when he received devastating news about his grandma’s health: “I’ve just got off the phone with my dad. I need to be with him and my family. I feel horrid that I have to jump ship right now, leave the ladies alone.”

At the farewell dinner, Leish feared that Ben might send her home following their conversation the previous night, so she pulled him aside. Reassured after his chat with Leish, Ben sent 25-year-old visual merchandise Maddison home, making Leish and 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani his final two ladies.

Farmer Will decided it was the right time for Sam’s choice, 23-year-old account manager Holly, to head home: “I’ve really found what I’m after and my connection with Jess and Madi is really strong. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t as compatible with Holly.”

Farmer Harry made the difficult decision to send 24-year-old retail manager Rommi home: “That was certainly the hardest thing I’ve had to do. You know, letting someone so genuine and kind down like that is bloody horrible.”

Farmer Paige, on the other hand, decided not to farewell either of her suitors: “It’s strange, I feel like I know so much about the boys already, but yeah, I’ve barely gotten to know them. So it maybe too soon to send someone home.”

The final two partners are:

Farmer Ben: Leish and Kiani

Farmer Harry: Bronte and Tess

Farmer Paige: Cody and Ayden

Farmer Will: Jess and Madi

*Farmer Benjamin did not choose his final two as he departed


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