Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under gets August premiere 

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under gets August premiere    

– Warner Bros. Discovery today announced Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under will premiere next month.

The eight-part series follows Australian and New Zealand hardcore towing companies as they battle it out to win the toughest and most lucrative tow contracts in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Armed with monster machines and million dollar hardware, teams winch and tow their way through epic piles of high-risk recovery missions. Their heavy duty rigs are built to handle some of the most volatile weather conditions on the planet, able to haul massive payloads and operate in perilous and inaccessible terrain.

Dealing with all of the dramas and disaster scenarios are high-viz teams of tow truckers, who combine incredible salvage skill-sets with super-sized problem solving abilities. In heavy-duty towing, every mission is time-critical, bringing high-stakes, do-or-die finances and constant dangers to man and machine. 

Aussie and NZ teams featuring in this brand new local commission include: Jimmy Cool, Paul Cool and Reece Skews from Wagga Truck Towing (NSW), Mike Clayton, Aaron Del Nido and Jason Wotherspoon from Clayton’s Towing (QLD) Scott Waites and Gerard Brown from North Coast Heavy Towing (NSW), Stephen Gust, Lyle Walton and Timothy Tonkin from Truckworks (SA) and Stuart Gerring and David Gerring from New Zealand based Parks Towing.

About Wagga Truck Towing (NSW): Wagga Truck Towing has been in the heavy tow game for close to 100 years. The family business services a 600 kilometre radius from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales to Victoria, and beyond. Their extensive fleet of heavy-recovery trucks, tilt trays and road clean-up machines enables them to provide fast and immediate response to major trucking accidents and RTA call outs. Their prized custom-built monster Morooka has a winch capacity of more than 70,000 pounds and can attack any job in the most extreme of locations. 

About Clayton’s Towing (QLD): Claytons Towing is Australia’s largest towing company. Bill and Mary Clayton hand-built their first tow truck in 1970. In the early days, the business was run out of Mary’s fathers’ wrecking yard in Petrie Creek Road, Nambour in Queensland. Having one of the first tow trucks on the Sunshine Coast with a power-driven winch and revolving flashing lights was an impressive feat at the time. Clayton’s delivers major high-volume recovery jobs.

About North Coast Heavy Towing (NSW): North Coast Heavy Towing was established in 2000 and is located at Woolgoolga on the North Coast of New South wales. The company is committed to using & developing the latest tow technology available. NCHT operates from Port Macquarie all the way through to Grafton. They have contracts with the local police and work closely with the RMS. 

About Truckworks (SA): Truckworks specialises in building and detailing monster recovery trucks. They’ve supplied vehicles to almost every Australian team in this series. Owner Lyndon, is well-known and respected within the wider trucking world. For new custom-builds, Truckworks imports Kenworth bodies from the USA and then customizes them to client specifications. Truckworks also operates a major mining and civil tow works business. 

About Parks Towing (NZ): Parks Towing is located in New Zealand’s South Island. The company is a major award-winning business, fitted out with the latest towing and recovery equipment. They have exclusive contracts to tow HPMV units up to 60 tonnes. State Highway 1 is the main route for freight transport and is usually where a lot of Park’s Towing biggest jobs come from. Their main tow vehicle is a Kenworth K104 with a tow-loaded combination of close to 70 tonnes. Other gear includes rear-mounted winches and a monster recovery boom for 50 tonne loads. The hero of Parks Towing is Winchy, a mega-machine boasting a winch capacity of 40,000 pounds. Winchy specialises in cliff and ravine work. 

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under  is produced by Fredbird Entertainment and was developed and financed with the assistance of Screen NSW. 

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under premieres Wednesday, 3rd August at 7.30pm AEST on Discovery.


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