Havoc ahead as Heather returns to the Neighbourhood

It’s the delightful storyline twist that no one saw coming and now everyone’s favourite villain that they love to hate is back in Erinsborough!

Of course, it’s Heather Schilling aka Alice Wells aka Nanny Alice (Kerry Armstrong) that has popped back into our lives. When we last saw this crazy manipulator at the end of 2018, she was fleeing Erinsborough after a failed attempt to murder Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey). Police have never caught Heather, which leads to Andrea (Madeleine West) offering to track down her mother in order to make her pay for her crimes. But this is all a front as she’s clearly been in contact with her this entire time, warning her to run.

Andrea’s plan to integrate herself into the Rebecchi family is going somewhat swimmingly until Heather shows up and insists she needs her daughter’s help as she has nowhere else to hide. Andrea can’t afford another setback in her grand plan, so how will she get out of this or will Heather find a way to stick around?

As much as fans want to hate Andrea and Heather, there’s no denying that Madeleine and Kerry have great onscreen chemistry as this mother-daughter con team.  We all love to hate this duo and I personally hope Heather sticks around as this arc progresses and reaches its conclusion.

The real question is – how much longer until we learn the truth about Dee, and how is Heather going to play into this quest?


Neighbours airs at 6:30pm on 10Peach.