Happy 10th Birthday Ryno’s TV

<strong>Happy 10<sup>th</sup> Birthday Ryno’s TV</strong>

Ah 2023. It’s hard to believe we made it here, but alas I have been doing this now not-so-little TV blog for a whole decade now, and it’s still a joy all these years later.

Over the past year, we said farewell to Erinsborough with some truly spectacular final weeks, only for the exciting announcement in November that we’ll be back on the street later this year. And speaking of revivals, the foxy ladies of Kath & Kim returned for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

And when it comes to farewells, The Project said goodbye to three popular panellists, and tomorrow will begin a new era with fresh faces.

Meanwhile the year ahead is an exciting one, with two favourites – Australian Idol and Neighbours – returning to our screens. It’s certainly going to be a LOT of fun.

I wouldn’t be here after a decade without the continued support.

To my incredibly loyal audience, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing. It truly means a lot.

To the publicists at all the respective networks and streaming services, of which there are too many to mention personally, thank you for all your support and assistance when needed.

Thanks must also go to Alan, Andrew, and Laura for helping to get the Twitter-sphere talking. And a special thanks to Chris Khoury and Ryan Brink at The Brink of Reality Podcast for being the best humans.

And a big thanks must also be extended to Steve Molk and Kevin Perry at TV Blackbox, Nadine at Gossip Communications, Anthony Farrell at The Pop Hub, and Victoria at Just Me, Victoria, for their support and help while also running their own sites.

Last but by no means least Courtney Lewdon was instrumental in an idea becoming a reality and I’m forever grateful for everything over the decade.

This past year, the site has also expanded onto Facebook and Instagram, alongside Twitter, so be sure to follow and like to keep up with all the television and streaming news and reviews.

Here’s to another decade of talking all things TV.



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