Guest Bedroom week begins

It’s guest bedroom week on The Block as our Blockheads near the finish line in what has been a punishing series. They have a budget of $15,000 this week.

Sharon is just devastated and “broken”, after negative feedback around their dramatic hallway. She believes she followed the judges advice to add the drama but it didn’t pay off. She thinks the judging is a joke.

All the other Blockheads check Ankur and Sharon’s hallway as part of the Domain Open For Inspections and they sadly agree with the judges – they didn’t get the eclectic style of the hallway.

Sharon broke down crying in the car and had to be comforted by Omar and Oz and Rachel.

It’s a public holiday and everyone is cleaning their sites but Omar and Oz have gone missing. A rough week they want a day off on The Block and head out to the golf course.

Before that they have an honest chat with Foreman Dan. Omar expresses that he doesn’t want to be stereotyped as a ‘dodgy Muslim,’ and feels Dan hasn’t been treating the boys well. He explains he is tough with every Blockhead but understands where Omar and Oz are coming from. Omar thinks Australia needs to have an honest discussion about this and they want to be role models for young Australian Muslims.

Foreman Keith isn’t happy with Tom and his builder, as there are some defects in the hallways and they need to be fixed.

Dave Franklin the star landscaper joins Scotty for a tour of The Block, with three weeks to go they are very worried about the progress on the landscaping, All the Blockheads have grand plans, but will they get it finished?


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