Final Three Decided in Fremantle

Final Three Decided in  Fremantle

For the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race Australia, the top four teams headed south of Perth to Fremantle.

The leg kicked off with a Roadblock that took one member into the clouds to jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet, before freefalling for one minute.

Teams then had to dive into some hard yakka at the Gage Roads Brewery. Teams were to transport twenty sacks of malt by hand, Kelly was determined that the best way of carrying the sacks was on top of the head. Other teams landed on this technique too, and all teams made it to the next challenge. However, unbeknownst to him, Kelly accidentally left his bumbag behind, which would prove to be a pickle further on in the leg.

After getting some help from the locals, teams headed to the historic Roundhouse for another tough challenge where Angel and Frankie came out on top. Tiffany and Cynthia, who completed the challenge last, were feeling a sense of comfort knowing a team had to return to get their bumbag from the Brewery.

It was then time for some quokka-n ‘n’ rollin’, with teams racing on foot to find the statue of iconic AC/DC singer, Bon Scott. Kelly and Georgia were the first to arrive and picked up the clue, but this is where they realised they were missing Kelly’s bumbag. In a rush, they returned to the Brewery to retrieve it. Unfortunately for Tiffany and Cynthia, this did not take long, and the Newlywed Teachers were able to maintain their lead. With the next step of the leg deciding who makes it to the final, all teams only had one focus – the mat.

In a nail-biting race to the Pit Stop, all four teams are within seconds of each other. Kelly and Georgia manage to narrowly beat out Angel and Frankie and Heath and Toni for first place, while Tiffany and Cynthia came in fourth and, unfortunately, were eliminated from The Race.

With the top three teams now decided, it is time for the epic final to choose who walks away with the biggest prize in The Amazing Race Australia history; $250,000 and a brand-new Isuzu D-MAX and Isuzu MU-X.


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