Grant Denyer To Host ‘The Slide Show’ on Seven

Grant Denyer To Host ‘The Slide Show’ on Seven

Grant Denyer has been named host of Seven’s new light entertainment program, The Slide Show.

From Press Release:

Channel Seven today announced Grant Denyer as the host of SlideShow, a riotous new
entertainment program to be produced by Shine Australia.
SlideShow will feature acclaimed comedians Cal Wilson and Toby Truslove as fearless team
captains who are joined each week by some of Australia’s biggest and funniest stars.
Two teams of guests including actors, comedians and sporting personalities will perform a series
of improvised challenges – from songs and dances to mimes and sketches – before a large
studio audience in a concert-like atmosphere.
Fronted by former Sunrise star Grant Denyer, SlideShow promises to be unpredictable, loud and
loads of fun.
“What does a bloke do when he’s done almost everything there is to do as Sunrise weathergirl?
SlideShow!” Grant Denyer said. “This is such an exciting new concept. We’re not changing lives
or giving away big cash prizes. It’s pure entertainment. And I love that. It’s going to be
unpredictably hilarious. I can’t wait.”
Seven’s Network Director of Production, Brad Lyons, said: “This is a big, boisterous show and the
whole family will be able to sit down together and have a laugh. And we’re thrilled Grant is
hosting. He’s great fun, he’s smart and he has tons of energy. He’s the perfect fit.”
Based on a successful new format from France, SlideShow begins production in May, and will air
on Channel Seven later in 2013.
Mark Fennessy, CEO, Shine Australia, said: “SlideShow is, simply, the most fun show on TV. It’s
big, brassy, totally laugh-out-loud with a fresh and hilarious new twist on performance-based
comedy. Exactly what we all need in this election year.”


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