Go airs new shows from tonight

Go airs new shows from tonight

Five brand new reality series will be coming to GO! from tonight.  Storage Hunters, Ghost Town Gold, South Beach Tow ,Troy and Tattoo Fixers.

Storage Hunters premieres Tuesday, September 1, at 8.30pm on GO! with a special double episode that follows four teams as they work in the competitive storage auction business where the contents of abandoned storage units are put under the hammer by auctioneer Sean Kelly.

Straight after Storage Hunters, at 9.30pm, tune in to the premiere of Ghost Town Gold which follows friends Brit Eaton and Scott Glaves as they explore the last frontier of American archaeology: the old ghost towns, abandoned mining camps and industrial graveyards of the Wild West, in search of collectible artifacts from a bygone era.

Also on Tuesday night, South Beach Tow premieres at 10.30pm. This series follows the family-owned Tremont Towing business located in South Beach, Miami, as they venture onto the streets battling against different levels of opposition from vehicle owners.

The new lineup continues at 7.30pm Wednesday, September 2, with the premiere of the 10-part series Troy, featuring 25-year-old London magician Troy Von Scheibner. Watch as Troy hits the streets to astound unsuspecting locals, tourists and hipsters with his distinctive blend of close-up magic and spectacular stunts, such as teleporting across historic Tower Bridge.

Tattoo Fixers, the fifth new series, follows three of the UK’s most talented tattoo artists as they join forces to fix the country’s most shocking tattoo catastrophes and transform them into masterpieces. This one definitely serves as a reminder to think before you ink! Tattoo Fixers starts on Wednesday, September 2, at 9.30pm on GO!