Glee continues to be Fastracked to Eleven

Glee continues to be Fastracked to Eleven

Glee will continue to be fast tracked to Eleven just hours after the US

The show will resume with episode 4 of Season 5 entitled A Katy Or A Gaga’ and will see the introduction of former American Idol Runner up Adam Lambert to the cast.

After a few weeks away from the world’s screens, Glee returns tonight and promises to make up for lost time when they pit the Lady Gagas of the Glee Club against the Katy Perrys.

This week we see the much-anticipated arrival of Adam Lambert and he plans to shake things up in New York. Rumour has it, his character Starchild is introduced in a hilarious way and soon becomes Kurt’s arch nemesis.

Kurt, Dani and Santana hold auditions for a Madonna cover band and Starchild auditions with a fabulous rendition of Gaga’s Marry The Night that is sure to blow your bedazzled socks off. While Kurt, Dani and Santana can agree Starchild’s crazy costume is too much, they can’t come to an agreement on a name for the band with Kurt nixing Santana’s suggestion of Apocalypsticks.

Back at McKinley, some students are more excited about this week’s assignment than others while Tina has a hilarious and unexpected moment. Will and Sue face-off once again.

Don’t miss the amazing group performances of Lady Gaga’s Applause and Katy Perry’s Wide Awake and Roar.

7:30 PM Friday November 8 on Eleven.



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