ED Evicted leaving 5 to fight it out to win Big Brother

ED Evicted leaving 5 to fight it out to win Big Brother

Last night saw 6 become 5 as Big Brother heats up towards next week’s finale.

A stunned Jade was speechless as she farewelled a composed Ed.  Even the House dog Mr. Clooney let out a few cries as his carer Ed departed.

With the last week of Big Brother dominated by JED talk, the final five Housemate speculation will remain unanswered. But for us, Ed gave Australia an insight into how he feels about Jade and what will happen now that he is out of the House.

Ed said to Sonia on stage,  “I quickly learnt that I wanted show all my vulnerabilities and I get closest to people if I understand their vulnerabilities. I ended up giving everything I’ve got and I’m proud of that.” Ed’s comments on Jade, “It grew naturally and as it progressed it became something I’m very proud of,” he said.

Sonia asked Ed, “At the Big Brother wrap party if Jade asks you flat out to be her boyfriend, what’s your answer?” “Jade and I will have a conversation when she gets out, it’s very much wait and see” replies Ed. “You should go into politics Edward you are very good at not answering a question” jokes Sonia. “That’s what Big Brother told me” said Ed.

The final five Housemates – Boog, Drew, Jade, Tahan and Tim – were told that in exactly one week’s time, after 101 days locked away from the outside world, one of them will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2013. With a one in five chance of winning $250,000, and a double eviction looming on Monday, it’s an all-out battle for the finishing line.

With Halloween tonight , there will be no better way to celebrate than to give the Housemates their very own Trick or Treat. In an emotionally charged show, Housemates will be TREATED to information from the outside world, including their Loved Ones. Of course it’s not Halloween without a TRICK, and we all know Big Brother has many of those up his sleeve as he reveals secrets about the Housemates that will have everyone sitting on the edge of their seat.

Remember, you are no longer voting to save. From this moment on every vote cast is a vote for your favourite Housemate to WIN Big Brother 2013.

The voting lines are NOW OPEN, so here’s how to vote for your favourite Housemate:

SMS – for BOOG, DREW, JADE, TAHAN or TIM text their name to 199 55 999

PHONE – phone the number below for your favourite Housemate:

Boog – 1902 55 95 17

Drew – 1902 55 95 03

Jade – 1902 55 95 06

Tahan – 1902 55 95 13

Tim – 1902 55 95 14

The two Housemates with the lowest number of votes will be evicted from Big Brother during the eviction show at 7.00pm AEDT next Monday.


Thursday, October 31:   Halloween Special

Friday, November 1: Daily Show

Monday, November 4:   Double Eviction

Tuesday, November 5: Daily Show

Wednesday, November 6:   Grand Finale



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