Fresh Faces shake up paradise

A big episode of Bachelor in Paradise saw new arrivals and shock departures.

Jessica had successfully convinced Ciarran to stay one more night, and Cass voiced her disapproval of Timm’s pot stirring. Feeling guilty that he has taken things too far, Timm decided it would be best if he left Paradise.


Having caught wind of his BFF’s plan to leave, an inconsolable Jamie tried to chase Timm down. Returning to an empty burre, Jamie was convinced Timm had thrown in the towel. Bags packed, tears in his eyes, Jamie was willing to go home and marched to the brink of Paradise, before learning Timm had not left.


A new day brought on a lighter mood and just as things were getting back to normal, Paradise veteran Alisha arrived. Keeping her eyes peeled for future husband material, the first face she saw was Glenn’s. Before she could pick out the names of their kids, Osher arrived to whisk her away on a blind date with three gentlemen who have never been on the show.


Meeting Tim, Conor and Chris, Alisha was quick to show them the bachie ropes. Although she enjoyed getting to know the new arrivals, she couldn’t get Glenn out of her head.


While frolicking by the pool, our singles noticed a man swimming towards them. Emerging from the sea like Aquaman himself, Alex had arrived in Paradise. While Renee admitted to finding Alex attractive, his bromance with Ciarran put him firmly in the no-go zone.


To the ladies’ delight, Alisha returned to Paradise with three spunky single blokes keen to meet their lady love. However, the arrival of the new guys, meant two gents could be going home.

Later, Glenn took the opportunity to take Alisha on a romantic date where the duo enjoyed giving each other a banana leaf massage.


The rose ceremony soon followed, and Jake decided to take a stand. Telling

Osher he didn’t want to receive a friendship rose, he walked away from Paradise to chase his ex. Newcomer Tim did not receive a rose, joining Jake on the journey home.



Join us on Sunday  when Queen Keira arrives to reign all over the Paradise  parade.