Between Two Worlds Review

Between Two Worlds Review

This Sunday, Seven will begin its hotly anticipated Australia drama Between Two Worlds, which was actually due last year – so has it been worth the wait?

When we begin Between Two Worlds, we are introduced to Phillip Walford (Philip Quast Picnic at Hanging Rock), a harsh and extremely wealthy businessman, in the middle of a very tense conversation with Garth Konig (Andrew McFarlane Secret City) about a mysterious USB drive.

When Philip arrives home to his wife Cate (Hermione Norris Cold Feet), it is quite obvious that they aren’t a happy couple and things are rocky at the best of times as it’s quickly established that Cate is trapped in a loveless marriage.

 When word reaches them that someone, they know has died it leaves them shaken for different reasons. Philips starts assessing his mortality, whilst Cate wonders if her husband helped push the person over the edge to their death.

Philip and Cate’s son Bert (Tom Dalzell Packed to The Rafters), appears to be self-confident and eager to please his father, but that’s not entirely true, because when it comes to his relationship with Gareth’s daughter Georgina (Melanie Jarnson Harrow). Philip doesn’t approve, leaving Bert faced with a conundrum.

Elsewhere, we follow the Grey family, led by widowed single-mother Sophia (Sara Wiseman A Place To Call Home) and children Danny (Alex Cubis  Makeo Mermaids) and Bella (Megan Smart The Secret Daughter). Danny who is an aspiring footballer in a long-term relationship with Martina (Marney Kennedy Bite Club), dreams of following in the footsteps of his AFL player father Paul. But a training incident will alter his life in ways he never expected. Will Danny find a way forward to achieve his goals with the help of his family and coach David (Aaron Jeffery Wentworth)?

Just how are these two worlds linked? Well, to tell you now would ruin all the surprises creator Bevan Lee (A Place To Call Home) has penned, because just when you think you know what’s going on, there’s another twist to contend with. This sublime pilot is full of interesting characters and dynamic performances from a mostly fresh young cast, with leads Quast, Norris, Wiseman and Jeffery giving it a bit of extra spark.

Between Two Worlds grips from its opening episode and explores some interesting things. It’s fresh and surprising TV that is a super strong contender for the best show of the year.

5 Stars

Between Two Worlds premieres Sunday 26 July at 8:30pm on 7.