Fliss And Tottie Retire From The Amazing Race Australia.

Fliss And Tottie Retire From The Amazing Race Australia.

On tonight’s epic leg in The Amazing Race Australia, teams raced to Toledo, helping a local Maya school to repair their greenhouse, replacing torn roof sheeting, removing weeds, adding new plants, and squealing at tarantulas. Tiffany and Cynthia were feeling the heat and contemplated taking a penalty, before managing to complete the challenge.

In the spirit of keeping things fair, the four teams returning to The Race from their stint in quarantine, had to complete a Speed Bump involving cleaning classroom furniture. And they thought iso was hard.

For their next challenge, teams faced a Detour. Teams who choose the Maya Ball Game, known as Pok-a-tok, could now be famous on Tik-Tok after watching them contort their bodies, sans hands, in order to propel the ball through the hand-held hoop. Teams who chose the Maya Quiz had to complete a Sudoku style puzzle. Sadly, Country Kids, Fliss and Tottie, never made it to the challenge after a devastating twisted ankle on a jungle track forced them to retire from The Race.

At the next challenge, teams had to memorise the eighteen symbols of the ancient Maya calendar, canoe along the Macal River to collect engraved stone symbols that matched each month, before assembling the stones in the right order to create the calendar. Pako and Mori scribbled down the symbols on a piece of paper, but when their boat capsized, they were up the sh!t creek without their paper. Engaged Parents, Chelsea and Jamus, struggled with the task, but after many attempts, managed to nail it. What they didn’t nail, was remembering to engage the hand break on their car.

Teams raced through stunning ruins to meet Beau at the tomb of ancient Maya kings. Heath and Toni reached the top of the hill first, Jamus nearly fell off said hill, and Jodie and Claire were last to the hill. But good news, despite coming in last, the mums will race another day!


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