Flavour combination ends a Masterchef dream

Flavour combination ends a Masterchef dream

It’s all about big, bold flavours in the MasterChef kitchen but sometimes gutsy flavour combinations don’t work out.

Tonight, three of MasterChef Australia’s most adored alumni, Poh Ling Yeow, Callum Hann and Reynold Poernomo, joined the contestants in the kitchen. The challenge was to make a dish that would seamlessly fit on either Poh’s menu at Jamface, at Callum’s Eleven restaurant or on Reynold’s menu at Koi.

Wynona, Therese and Elise also had to decide whether or not to play their coveted immunity pins. In the closing moments of the challenge, Wynona and Elise buckled under the pressure and chose to play their pins.

Therese held onto her pin and was praised for her effort in trying to pull off a Reynold-worthy dessert and while her apple was not structurally perfect, it was still impressive. Being a huge Poh fan, Scott chose to cook for her menu and his ginger fluff cake fluffed rather than flopped, and he was ecstatic, along with Poh and the judges. Poh also raved about Kishwar’s pastry and told her that she loved the way she drew inspiration from her Bengali culture.

Both Callum and the judges were impressed by Aaron’s cold starter with Jock giving it a 10 out of 10.

Minoli’s sesame-crusted steak served with daikon, yuzu dressing, crispy enoki mushrooms and pickled radish was not a hit with the judges, and despite Minoli’s incomparable passion, it was her lack of clarity and balance that saw her the fourth contestant eliminated from MasterChef Australia.


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