Big Brother’s Surprise Week turns scary as Tilly shines bright

Big Brother’s Surprise Week turns scary as Tilly shines bright

Last night on Big Brother, Surprise Week kicked off and things went from fun to scary real quick!  

To get their hands on an espresso machine, housemates had to endure their worst nightmares in the Scary-oke task. But when stylist Charlotte wouldn’t see it through, they all missed out on the promised reward.

Meanwhile, with the plane people thick as thieves, Sherriff Nick had concerns. General Daniel rallied the troops for the nomination challenge but Big Brother dropped a bombshell, mixing allies and adversaries together.

The winning team agreed to nominate single marketer Michael and student Tilly for eviction, with mother hen Mary as a safe vote.

Tilly was concerned burnt chickpeas would be her undoing, but a pep talk from Daniel helped her shine at the eviction ceremony, making the housemates realise there’s more to life than legumes.

Michael became the latest Big Brother casualty leaving 16 housemates left to battle it out.

“I thought I had the numbers so I shouldn’t go on attack mode,” said Michael. “I don’t think the plane crew is as solid as it once was. The dynamics have shifted and people are going to do what they have to do to stay in the game. Daniel wants Tilly in because he thinks he can manipulate her but Tilly is not a silly girl. She’s incredibly smart. They may never get an opportunity to nominate her again and that’s the mistake.”


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