Five Become Four in Celebrity Apprentice

We’re coming to the end of our Celebrity Apprentice journey and with Bronte now fired from the competition there’s only five celebs left, the pressure is getting intense.

As the remaining celebrities celebrate their survival in the winner’s room, Lord Sugar has some something else in store for them…their next task. The celebrities will be creating a shareable video for MYOB, the winning team will win twenty thousand dollars towards their Project Managers charity; and as Karen from Finance would say, if they F it up they’ll be f-f-fired. With the next task now set Jean and Darren have elected themselves to be the Project Managers.

It’s a new day and our celebrities begin their next task, first on the agenda, Ronnie and Jean head off to meet with the Executives of MYOB to get briefed. During the briefing Ronnie has something up his sleeve, with the pressure of the competition rising, he plans to distract Jean. However, this time Ronnie’s gone too far, saying Jean has dementia.

As the briefing concludes Jean heads to the war room to inform Benji and Amy what has happened. This fires Benji up, he’s not going to stand for that and confronts Ronnie. Things soon become heated between Benji and Ronnie but Ronnie claims he never said it…unfortunately for him it’s on video.

With the dust settled, for now, the task gets underway. As filming starts it’s clear Darren’s got this Directing gig in the bag. Amy on the other hand is frustrated, she’s got her little assistant Jean over her shoulder constantly taking over, it’s becoming a nightmare. Benji’s not getting involved, he has something more important to do, the messaging.

As filming wraps, Ronnie is far from done, he’s got one more move up his sleeve, a fake apology. Jean however is no fool, as is determined more than ever to get Ronnie fired.

In the Boardroom, Lord Sugar is unimpressed with Ronnie’s actions, it’s rude and he’s not going to stand for that. With both videos submitted, MYOB choose Team Collaborate as the winners for this task, leaving Team Innovate Benji, Amy and Jean in the boardroom.

The boardroom heats up as Benji, Amy and Jean fight for survival, but ultimately Jean is fired from the competition, leaving Darren, Ronnie, Benji and Amy in the final four.


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