Fish sees Harry Flounder out of MasterChef

Fish sees Harry Flounder out of MasterChef

Marco Pierre White was back in the MasterChef kitchen, and Jock revealed to the 12 cooking contestants, Marco’s “Pantry Favourites” – extra virgin olive oil, chardonnay vinegar, red wine vinegar, brandy, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, capers, ketchup, honey, Dijon mustard, cornichons, tabasco sauce, red currant jelly and anchovies.

The contestants needed to use at least two of Marco’s pantry items with the least impressive dish sending its maker home.

When it came time to taste, Melissa said Julie’s chilli plum chicken wings were happiness inducing, while Marco commented that Billie was clearly a thoughtful cook after impressing him with her loaded crispy potatoes.

Sarah’s Goan tartare showcased beautiful flavours and Mindy’s chilli bugs had a lovely, course sauce. Montana’s honey parfait with blackberries and tarragon was silky and beautiful, Steph’s brandy mousse was well balanced and Michael’s classic steak tartare was generous with flavour.

Tommy had an interesting day with his soy sauce fish, but he didn’t need to worry because Marco said it was one of the most delicious and beautifully balanced dishes he’d ever tasted in the MasterChef kitchen. Aldo’s stuffed calamari was declared “Naples on a plate”, and while Alvin was nervous using European ingredients in a traditionally Asian style dish, his prawns with red sauce and egg floss were very well received.

When it was Daniel’s turn to present his beef mince pie, Marco said it was brave to make a pie in just 75 minutes, but what let Daniel down was the flavour of the mince.

Harry’s whole baked flounder and herb butter sauce was next, and she was worried she’d made a silly decision with her cook. When the judges and Marco tasted, Harry’s fears were realised when Andy admitted it was less than perfect. The sauce was hectic and powerful, but unfortunately when paired with the flounder, it was overpowering. Parts of Harry’s fish were overcooked, and Marco said her error today was selecting flounder.

In delivering their verdict it came down to Daniel’s pie and Harry’s flounder, and with a cook that just didn’t land, Harry was announced as the twelfth contestant eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.


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