First dates, first kisses and a truckload of sheep lead to a departure on Farmer

First dates, first kisses and a truckload of sheep lead to a departure on Farmer

Romance was the name of the game as Farmers Will, Sam, Rob, Andrew and Matt continued their quest for true love on Farmer Wants A Wife, wooing the 24-hour date winners on their beloved farms ahead of the other ladies’ arrival.

Andrew surprised Jess with a magical, woolshed dinner for two. Both were soon surprised by the arrival of a truckload of sheep to be unloaded.

Undeterred by the interruption, Jess pulled on a pair of boots and got her first taste of true-blue farm life. “It went from being the most romantic thing in the entire world to sheep everywhere,” laughed Jess. “Getting gate-crashed by a truckload of sheep isn’t the worst thing in the world, plus Andrew’s a babe, so it’s worth it”.

After the two and a half hour sheep ice breaker, Andrew and Jess resumed their first date, with the conversation shifting gears. “I’m honestly grateful that you picked me to come here first. We do have a lot in common and you’re just nice to be around,” said Jess. Farmer Andrew was on the same page. “I think this could be the start of something good,” said Andrew with a shy smile. Andrew stopped Jess as they left the woolshed with the pair sharing their first kiss under a Snowy Gum mistletoe.

Farmer Matt enjoyed a romantic dinner with 25-year-old personal assistant, Hayley. As the two shared childhood photos from their phones, Hayley showed Matt a photo of herself from her first day of chemo during her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Matt was shocked, after Hayley’s bubbly and cheerful personality gave no signs of struggles she had experienced. Hearing Hayley’s story encouraged Matt to share the story of his father’s passing. The intimate conversation lead to a kiss at the end of the date.

Farmer Sam took Mackenzie to his favourite Italian restaurant and hired a violinist to up the romance. Mackenzie swooned, “when he looks at me and smiles, I get a little giddy.” After discussing how important family is to them both, Sam said he “definitely sees a future with Mackenzie.”

Farmer Rob got to know 34-year-old business owner, Meg, over a spot of fly-fishing. The date went well, with Rob enamoured by Meg’s laugh. “We get on so well. He dazzles me a bit, so I’m going to call it and say Rob’s feeling it,” announced Meg.

An outdoor dinner by the fire was the perfect first date for Farmer Will and 32-year-old nurse Tammy. Tammy said it was the best first date she’s had, while Will admitted there was chemistry between them. 

The next day, the love bubble popped with the arrival of each farmers’ other ladies. Newly formed bonds were tested as Farmers and ladies went to work on the farm.  

The Farmers received a letter explaining they must ask a lady to leave if they didn’t feel connected with her, leading Farmer Will to ask Tammy to leave. “This is so ridiculously hard for me. That’s why I can’t even make eye contact. You have done absolutely nothing wrong. You’re wonderful,” he told her.

“Every one of the ladies is keen to have a family one day. They’re at an advantage because they’re a lot younger than me. That might be a decider for him,” mused Tammy on her departure. 

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: after a tough first week of living on the land, the farmers quickly realise that dating five ladies at once can be hard yakka. The group have their first big catch up at a ute muster. Throughout the night, romance is in full swing for two of our farmers, but group gossip about favourites and a secret kiss causes a dramatic divide between one farmer’s ladies. Will one lady walk?


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