Find Me a Beach House gets September premiere

Find Me a Beach House gets September premiere

Australians have a fascination with the beach and for some, living by the water is the ultimate Australian dream. and now that dream is achievable Foxtel’s brand-new property series Find Me a Beach House sees host Deborah Hutton tasked with the important role of finding everyday Australians their perfect beach house.

From grandparents looking for their dream home in Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, to young retirees searching for a Byron beach house equipped to raise their young family, Deborah Hutton travels the Australian coastline meeting a variety of potential home buyers with differing budgets and needs. Each challenge is different but the ultimate goal is the same – to find a beach house.

In the series premiere we head to the fashionable resort town of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Deb meets Melbournites Paul and Karryn who are in search of sunny skies, relaxation and their very own holiday beach house not only to enjoy with their two daughters, but also to list on Airbnb. For Karryn the most important aspect of the house is the view, somewhere she can meditate and unwind, but for Paul it’s about sticking to a strict budget. Deb’s brief is to find a home away from home that will also serve as an investment for holiday letting. With three incredible houses to offer, has Deb found the perfect beach house at the perfect price?

Wendy Moore, Foxtel Group General Manager, Lifestyle, said: “The dream of finding our own piece of paradise along the stunning pockets of the Australian coastline is a long-held one, and I can’t see this ever leaving our wish list. Seeing just a few Australians realise that is inspiring to say the least, be prepared! This show will give you itchy feet!”


Find Me a Beach House Premieres Wednesday September 25 at 9.30pm on LifeStyle