Final Vows end in tears

Final Vows end in tears

After nearly three months, the Married At First Sight experiment has come to an end.

All that’s left are the Final Vows Ceremonies, in which our remaining couples Evelyn and Rupert, Tahnee and Ollie and Lyndall and Cameron will make the ultimate choice: to continue their relationship in the real world or leave it all behind.

As the couples pack up to leave their marital homes, their futures weigh heavily on their minds. For love birds Tahnee and Ollie, the experiment has been a great success as their bond has continue to grow throughout the experiment. However, the reality of living on the opposite sides of Australia has finally hit home for the couple. And they are left questioning if their relationship can last the distance.

Meanwhile, Lyndall is broken after Cameron’s revelation at the Final Dinner Party that he is not falling in love with her. There is a knock on the door – and they find an iPad playing their wedding video. The tension in the room soon melts away as the couple reflect on their special day and the way they felt for one another when they first met. Cam softens and laughter and smiles fill the room. As they pack up their things and say goodbye to their shared home, the couple seem buoyed by their happy memories and part ways with a loving kiss.

Evelyn and Rupert are not so loving this morning. The usual quirky energy between them has flipped after the Honesty Box at the Final Dinner Party, where Rupert questioned her attraction to him. Frustrated, Evelyn told him she would not have slept with him if she was not attracted to him. Rupert is offended by the way Evelyn responded and accuses her of being nasty in her tone towards him. A fight ensues and at the final hour Evelyn’s patience with Rupert has worn thin. She walks out on him, without so much as a goodbye.

While Tahnee, Ollie, Lyndall and Cam return to their hometowns to deliberate on their decision for their final vows, Evelyn and Rupert are wasting no time. The couple are soon standing face to face at the Final Vows ceremony – true to. Form, Rupert is unable to speak, leaving Evelyn to once again take the lead.

They both agree that their relationship cannot work, but wish one another well for the future and hope that love will find them both one day.

Tahnee and Ollie’s Final Vows ceremony is just days away and although the pair have managed to continuously grow and maintain their bond throughout the experiment, they now face their biggest challenge yet: distance.

At home in Perth, the reality of the complexities of a long-distance relationship are starting to kick in for Ollie. There is no doubt that he is falling in love with Tahnee,
but is he prepared to leave his family and friends 4000km away in Perth to be with her? Meanwhile in Sydney, Tahnee is also nervous about entering a long-distance
relationship with Ollie, having experienced heartache with one in the past.

After time reconnecting with family and friends at home, Tahnee and Ollie are finally ready to make what could be a life changing decision. Surrounded by the majesty and romance of the stunning Blue Mountains, Tahnee and Ollie meet again and embrace.

Through tears, Tahnee pours her heart out to Ollie telling him that she is falling in love with him and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Ollie acknowledges that they have had an amazing journey together, but the issue of distance is real, very real. But he concedes that he’s falling in love with Tahnee and it doesn’t matter where they are, as long as they are together. With that, the youngest couple in the experiment, confirm their commitment to one another and their future looks bright.

Meanwhile in Darwin, fresh from watching their wedding video and reliving the magical connection he shared with Lyndall on that special day – Cam has returned home, and his mind is clearer than ever… he sees no future with Lyndall.

In Perth, Lyndall has returned home, unaware that Cam has already decided their fate. She is missing Cam and the time they have spent together. She turns to her mother for advice. Lyndall reveals to her mother that Cam told her at the Dinner Party that he does not think he is falling for her. Lyndall’s mother reminds her that
she deserves to be loved, and all the ways her partner should show her that love. Lyndall is left wondering if Cam is not the person for her.

Lyndall and Cameron reunite in the Blue Mountains, to confirm their true feelings for each other at their final vows. As they come face to face for the first time in a week Lyndall takes the lead. She reminisces on the happy times they spent together and her unwavering commitment to their relationship through good and bad times. Lyndall announces all the times that Cam let her down. As someone who has lived their life with Cystic Fibrosis but now has a new lease on life, she will not waste any more time being held back – certainly not by Cam.

Having said her piece, she tells Cam that she does not want to hear his vows, as she knows she’ll be disappointed by him again. Cam throws his vows to the ground and storms off. Lyndall is elated.


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