A Villain Has Pole Vaulted To The Crown.

<strong>A Villain Has Pole Vaulted To The Crown.</strong>

In 2023, we went back to where it all began, Samoa. And this beautiful setting was the backdrop for some of the most intense challenges, gameplay, and strategic thinking that we have ever seen on Australian Survivor. And it all came down to four.

George, Liz, Gerry and Matt – two villains and two heroes entered the final, most brutal challenge of the season. But before they could get to it, they were surprised by their favourite people from home, which made for a big tear-jerking reunion. With the most moral support they have had in their time in the game, they got to the Immunity Challenge which consisted of standing on some tricky poles and having spikes pushed into their back. After a gruelling few hours, Liz took out the win and secured her spot in the final three.

Back at camp, the four then talked amongst themselves about the upcoming Tribal Council, where someone was going to be sent to the Jury. Liz spoke to her ‘wicked, wicked’ plan to kick George out. Gerry claimed he didn’t think he was worthy after the Immunity Challenge, and suggested everyone put their votes on him. There were then lots of side discussions of what to do, with suspense building for the Tribal Council.

It was time for the most important vote the four had done yet. In an explosive move that everyone seemed to be waiting for, Gerry, Matt and Liz all voted for George, sending him to the Jury. George left voting for Gerry. And we were at our final three, who went away to plan their ever-important pitches to prove why they should be the Sole Survivor.

When it came time for the final Tribal Council of the season, Gerry, Liz and Matt all pitched their hearts out. The Jury threw some hard questions at them, and the three went into detail on why their gameplay had been the worthiest, who had achieved the most influential moves, and who had been the most impressive at challenges. Some Jurors tested their answers, with Matt and Gerry being forced to explain their responses. Liz took these opportunities to make some powerful statements. The Jury was left with a $500K decision, and they were sent to vote.

In the end, after a powerful pitch to the Jury, the majority vote went to Liz. Turns out she didn’t need to rely on Shonee’s vote after all. It was then time for celebration, with everyone running into the middle of Tribal Council for our 2023 Sole Survivor, two-time Pole Vault Olympian and ultimate villain, Liz Parnov.


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