Feedback Week sees the return of everyone

The couples reunite after spending three days participating in a partner swap task as part of Feedback Week. However, when Layton and Bronte have their last breakfast together, Bronte encourages Layton to not move back in with Melinda, and to have another day to himself.

The partner swap task has revealed issues that some of the couples need to face. After spending time with Ollie, Lyndall has realised that communication with Cameron is virtually non-existent. When they fail to have a serious conversation upon reuniting, Lyndall realises Cam doesn’t have the ability to meet her emotional needs. Cameron on the other hand has learned that his latest job opportunity will be remote, and the possibility of forced long distance after the experiment is showing cracks in their relationship.

When Melinda finds out that Layton is not coming back to the apartment, Melinda is distraught, wanting to find answers she goes to Bronte who gives Melinda a very frosty reception. Bronte informs Melinda that Layton feels unsupported in their relationship, Bronte seems to have been no help in uniting the couple and appears to have added fuel to the fire. Melinda leaves Bronte to confront Layton, which quickly becomes emotionally charged. Melinda and Layton finally decide to have a night apart to decompress.

A new day sees the couples settling back into normality. Melinda and Layton reunite and hash things out, but Melinda is still hurt about the events from yesterday. Alyssa has also returned after a fight with Duncan yesterday. Alyssa had decided she needed time apart from Duncan and some time with her son has brought her a more positive mindset, sparking hope in Duncan for the possibility to further work on their relationship.

With the first stage of Feedback Week completed, the couples are now entering the second stage – Boys and Girls night. However, not everybody is excited for the night as Bronte feels like she will be in Melinda’s firing line.

As the brides and grooms arrive at their prospective Girls and Boys nights, everyone is in good spirits. The brides are revelling in the opportunity to be together and support each other and discuss the nuances of the partner swap. In contrast, over at Boys night Layton and Harrison discuss what happened at the beginning of the partner swap where Layton felt attacked by Harrison and Melinda. Layton has a new perspective on Harrison and his behaviour: he is a man not to be trusted.

As the night continues, past participants return and receive support and validation from their peers. Sandy has a new understanding of herself and what she deserves in a relationship and opens up about not telling her parents about her relationship breakdown with Dan. Caitlin arrives beaming with a new sense of self-love.

After a tense reception from Bronte, Claire proceeds to ask the group what she has missed, leading to a heated discussion between Melinda and Bronte over their partner swap. Bronte is then questioned by Sandy as she doesn’t believe that Bronte and Harrison’s relationship is genuinely ok, and that Bronte is being manipulated. Feeling attacked, Bronte storms out of Girls night. Claire then finds an opportunity to talk to Janelle and clear the air, which is warmly welcomed and the two find a new friendship with one another.

Over at Boys night, Adam returns and attempts another apology to the group. Harrison then decides to confront Adam about his lack of accountability for his mistakes. The drama at Boys night is in stark contrast to the girls who are sharing support and reaffirming that they all deserve to love themselves and be loved by someone amazing.


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