Feedback Week Dinner Party

The couples are approaching the sixth Dinner Party tonight after an eventful Feedback Week, complete with the new pairings task and the boys and girls night.

Melinda and Layton have had a rocky week after disagreeing over the new pairings task, and they’re going into tonight’s Dinner Party with unresolved issues. Lyndall and Cameron have both spent the week reflecting – Lyndall’s time with Ollie made her realise that she needs a partner who she can communicate openly with; and Cameron has revealed concerns to Alyssa that his long-distance job may affect his relationship with Lyndall after the experiment.

Down the hall, Evelyn debriefs with Rupert about Melinda telling her that Harrison showed her messages that said Evelyn lied about the butt-dial incident. Evelyn is fed up being made out to be a liar and is ready to confront Harrison about constantly trying to cause trouble in other relationships.

Harrison and Bronte have come together to catch up on boys and girls night–specifically about Bronte leaving the girls night early. Harrison starts to doubt Bronte and confronts her on hearing different stories from the group. Bronte feels blamed and unsupported by Harrison and decides not to go to the dinner party.

The Cocktail Party commences with much talk of Harrison and his constant meddling. Harrison enters alone. By this point, the group are tired of the ‘Bronte and Harrison show’ and they give Harrison a cold reception.

Harrison reveals that there is no chance he is writing stay at tomorrow’s Commitment Ceremony and eyes roll amongst the group. Attention turns to the other relationships in the group. Lyndall is devastated after hearing that Cameron will be away working for six months to a year. Cameron admits to not wanting to compromise his life for Lyndall, leaving her shell shocked.

However, the arguments are not over as Melinda and Layton engage in another heated confrontation. When their clash escalates, Melinda storms off and as she leaves the Dinner Party, Layton questions whether their relationship is worth keeping.


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