Everyone Is Doing Great Review

Everyone Is Doing Great Review

With the launch of Paramount+, Australia finally gets to see Everyone Is Doing Great. But is it worth checking out?

When we open Everyone Is Doing Great we are introduced to Seth Stewart (Stephen Colletti) and his best mate Jeremy Davis (James Lafferty), who have both enjoyed success on the hit television vampire drama ‘Eternal’.

Five years later, Seth is motivated to get another role but can’t shake the teen heartthrob status he’s been typecast with ever since. Meanwhile Jeremy, who married his Eternal co-star Andrea (Alexandra Park) is happy to just lounge around smoking pot as he struggles to get intimate with his wife. Although, he isn’t having any trouble with the people sliding into his DMs while his wife finds success on another show.

Will these two teen heartthrobs both find a second bite of happiness? Maybe, maybe not, but Everyone Is Doing Great will follow their complicated journey as they navigate life.

Everyone Is Doing Great comprises of eight 30-minuted episodes written by James and Stephen, who also directed. The series has some clear real life moments injected, especially with their connections to the much-loved One Tree Hill. The writing in the pilot sets up the series well and there is a clear odd couple dynamic. You definitely can’t help but invest in these characters.

James and Stephen’s camaraderie makes the show work, and Alexandra Park and Cariba Heine, who plays Seth’s ex Isabella, add some extra star power with interesting character arcs.

Everyone Is Doing Great is one to check out when you’re in need of a laugh and has the potential to be a hidden gem.

3.5 Stars

Everyone Is Doing Great Premieres on Paramount+ tomorrow


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