Eric Butchers A High Pressure Test.

Eric Butchers A High Pressure Test.

Tonight, it was black aprons for Sabina, Eric, Brent and Scott who lost out at invention test. The judges introduced guest chef Clinton McIver from Amaru with their pressure test. 

Clinton revealed that the dish was aged lamb with flowering legumes and the contestants were shocked to find only a black blindfold underneath the cloche. They would be cooking the dish sight unseen.

Sabina was first to the tasting table and Clinton noted that Sabina was the most collected and organised in the kitchen and it had shown on the plate. 

It was clear to Clinton that Brent’s dish was missing the same number of flowering legumes, although his lamb was great.

Scott’s dish resembled Clinton’s closely and Clinton said that the onion gel had a grainy texture but the lamb cuisson was spot on. 

Eric confessed that this had been his most emotional cook yet. Jock said his dish was the furthest away from Clinton’s, the thin lamb was not cooked consistently given its uneven butchery. Eric was off track right from the start and it was the immense pressure of the MasterChef kitchen that saw him sent home. 


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