E! announces new show Culture!d

E! announces new show Culture!d

E! Australia  today announced the launch of its new docu-special titled CULTURE!D . The latest local production will premiere next month.

Presented by E! Australia host Francesca Hung, the new 30-minute docu-specials will explore the current cultural agenda. Featuring interviews with a range of industry experts, each episode will focus on an aspect of consumers’ shifting perceptions, including everything from fashion and entertainment to technology, the environment and more.

The premiere episode will explore the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry today, featuring interviews from Virgin Australia’s Melbourne Fashion Festival with some of Australia’s most iconic designers including Outland Denim, Ginger & Smart, Carla Zampatti and VICTORIA & WOODS.

Through candid conversations, CULTURE!D will explore the leading trends in circular fashion and how designers are adapting their collections as they prioritise sustainability in their industry. Plus, designers will share their tips on how consumers can make small changes to their own everyday choices to support a more sustainable future in fashion.

CULTURE!D premieres on E! on Thursday, 2nd April at 8pm, available on Foxtel and Fetch