7 rests Home and Away in favour of The Latest

7 rests Home and Away in favour of The Latest

With news changing by the hour, 7 has made the surprising move to rest Home and Away.

The Latest from 7NEWS will broadcast a special one-hour edition LIVE from 7pm (AEDT) every night for the next two weeks, with all the major developments and up-to-the-minute information in the fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Anchor Michael Usher will be joined each night by Australia’s government and medical leaders for official updates about the next phases of the pandemic plan, as well as the latest health advice for your whole family.

7NEWS will continue to break into programming to broadcast updates and LIVE press conferences and every detail you need to know in 7NEWS Live at 6.00. Then join Michael Usher for a special one-hour edition of The Latest on COVID-19 from 7NEWS, every night from 7.00 on Seven and 7plus.

Home and Away which has just stopped production  as a precautionary measure  due to the Coronavirus is expected to return to the 7pm slot on Monday April 6