Double Biggest Loser Farewells as Caitlin and Shannon depart

Double Biggest Loser Farewells as Caitlin and Shannon depart

Last night saw two contestants depart The Biggest Loser game.

First, it was a tearful but heroic farewell for mother-of-two Shannon Woolley, who had struggled with being separated from her family and decided to leave the competition after learning about her daughter’s upcoming surgery.


Then the Black team’s run of winning weigh-ins came to an end with the youngest contestant in the competition being eliminated. With a weight-loss of 20.7 kilograms, 17-year-old nursing student from Ararat, Caitlin Munday, exited the competition.

Caitlin was the first to put her hand up for an elimination nomination following the Black team’s first fall below the yellow the line. It was a move that surprised everyone, given Caitlin had the third highest weight-loss percentage for the week. But as Caitlin explains: “I put myself up [for elimination] because I hadn’t put in as much effort as everyone else this week. And I felt unfair putting someone else in elimination that had worked a lot harder than I have.”  In the end, it was a swift and unanimous vote to send Caitlin home.

Caitlin says she is a happier and healthier version of the girl who arrived at The Biggest Loser house six weeks ago and she vows to continue to work hard on the outside. “I promise with every bone in my body to train hard on the outside. I’m actually going to have a life now. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m getting closer each day.”

 The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia continues Wednesdays and Thursdays on TEN at 7.30pm.



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