Better Homes and Gardens March 7

Better Homes and Gardens March 7

Here’s what’s in store on Better Homes and Gardens this week.

Johanna Griggs travels to the Tassie home of Home and Away’s Bonnie Sveen.

Meet the Alcantarea – the giant unkillable Bromeliad; how to keep your home safe and secure; Graham‟s step by step on growing espalier trees. Tara tackles sibling rivalry in a kids’ room for a brother and sister; plus how to make your own decals.

Try Karen‟s chocolate loaf, perfect for lunchboxes; a quick, easy and healthy mid-week eggplant pasta; plus decadent slow cooked pork ribs. Sheep herding classes for city dogs; big mirrors are expensive, but not when you build Rob‟s DIY version; what to do in the garden as we head into autumn; Jason tackles a backyard where the plants have become monsters; and Dr Harry meets a cat who likes to chew gum!

7pm Friday on Seven.


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