Discovery announces Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under

Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ has today announced the commissioning of a brand new local series Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under

, the eight-part series follows five Australian and New Zealand hardcore towing companies as they battle it out to win the toughest and most lucrative towing contracts in the Southern Hemisphere.

Armed with monster machines and million dollar hardware, teams winch and tow tear their way through epic piles of extraordinary tow and recovery missions. Their heavy duty rigs are built to handle some of the most volatile weather conditions on the planet – able to haul massive payloads and operate in perilous and inaccessible terrain.

Dealing with all of the dramas and disaster scenarios are teams of truckers, who combine incredible salvage skill-sets with super-sized problem solving abilities. In heavy-duty towing, every mission is time-critical, bringing high-stakes, do-or-die finances and constant dangers to man and machine. In this game, all it takes is one bad job to send a business under.

Thierry Bled, Executive Producer – Factual, Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ, said: “Over the last decade, we’ve seen a global audience really respond to Discovery ANZ’s tales from Down Under, with local series like Aussie Gold Hunters, Aussie Salvage Squad, Demolition Down Under and Outback Opal Hunters.

“Building on the success of Discovery’s Machine Mondays, and from the trusted producers of Aussie Salvage SquadHeavy Tow Truckers Down Under is a bold, tough jobs factual series showcasing Australian and New Zealand heavy haul tow specialists who demonstrate unsung bravery with charming bravado, and an unflappable expertise… one heavy haul tow job at a time!”

Brad Cone, Head of Factual, Fredbird Entertainment said: “We’re excited to be making our first Trans-Tasman tough jobs series, with unprecedented access to Australia’s and New Zealand’s heavy tow trucking industries. Strong editorial collaboration with Discovery as the lead broadcaster will ensure we deliver a truly epic and fully-immersive character-driven series – featuring larger than life high-visibility heroes.”

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under is produced by Fredbird Entertainment and developed and financed with the assistance of Screen NSW. 

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under will premiere in August on Discovery.


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