Deception, Dream Dates and Drama in a big episode of Bachelor in Paradise

Deception, Dream Dates and Drama in a big episode of Bachelor in Paradise

Ciarran’s love life continued to dominate paradise.

With rumours swirling that Kiki and Ciarran had known each other outside of Paradise, it was no surprise when she picked him for a one-on-one date.

Basking in his hot-property status, Ciarran was elated to go on yet another date. At their own private beach, the pair agreed to spend the night in a shipwrecked abode.

Back in Paradise, everyone questioned whether Ciarran would be honest with Kiki about his antics so far. While he was quick to say he and Jessica weren’t an item, Jessica was on a different page all together, and was nervous about his newfound interest in Kiki.

Still looking for a man, Keira decided hot, sweet and unattached, Alex would be hers, and was quick to mark her territory.

At a surprise picnic with Britt, Timm explained that he’d be leaving Paradise momentarily to be the best man at his friend’s wedding. He presented Britt with his rose, which she gladly accepted.

The next day, Ciarran and Kiki returned to Paradise, with Ciarran walking straight to Timm, bypassing Jessica completely.

Before anything else could happen, Osher arrived with a double date card for Conor and Jessica. Conor was quick to ask Mary to join him, but Jessica asked if she could speak with Ciarran alone before making her decision.

Ciarran wasted no time telling Jessica that he’d moved on and was now focused on Kiki. Shocked at how quickly things had changed in 24 hours, Jessica decided to take Alex with her on the date, leaving Keira less than impressed.

As Conor and Mary realised they both had the same relationship goals page, Mary felt it was time to reveal she had a daughter. Quick to say he was from a blended family, and that he knows how important being a stepparent is, Conor assured Mary that this was a responsibility he was happy to accept – earning him the husband material stamp of approval.

Not expecting to receive a rose, Jessica went into her date with Alex trying to have fun. Revealing to Alex, that she found him attractive, the lucky man now had two lovely ladies vying for his attention.

At the cocktail party, Alex told Keira that although he liked her, she was different in a group setting than when they were alone. He wanted someone calmer, and Keira was ready to accept the challenge.

At the rose ceremony, Helena and Jessica did not receive a rose, and walked out of the gates of Paradise.