Dancing Finds the First Grand Finalists

Dancing Finds the First Grand Finalists

Tonight, during the first semi-final on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, five couples entered the ballroom battle to fight for three spots in the Grand Finale.

The night began with a gruelling rock and roll marathon dance where Grant Denyer got a head start as the last one alive on the dancefloor.

Later Grant stunned the judges with his flashy paso doble and topped the leader board. Following closely was Ricki-Lee who left everyone longing for more with her captivating rhumba. Both blitzed the first semi-final and booked a place in the Grand Finale. 

Kylie Gillies swayed her way with a sultry samba; Kouta was on the front foot with a lively quickstep and wild card Kris Smith displayed rhythm and romance through his samba.

In the sudden death dance-off, bottom ranker Kris shocked himself by grabbing the last spot in the grand finale, while Kylie Gillies and Anthony Koutoufides were sent packing in the first double elimination. 

The final scores of the night were:

Grant Denyer and Lily Cornish – 49

Kylie Gillies and Aric Yegudkin – 42

Ricki-Lee and Jarryd Byrne – 41

Anthony Koutoufides and Jessica Raffa – 37

Kris Smith and Siobhan Power – 27


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