A Cup of Tea turns into Tribal Turbulance

A Cup of Tea turns  into Tribal Turbulance

An Australian Survivor: Blood V Water plot twist involving a cup of tea and a cunning KJ that’s here to play was served up in a delicious episode.

uch to the remaining castaways dismay, the formerly ejected Jordie, Shay and KJ returned from Purgatory with a steely determination to tear apart the majority alliance. 

But there’s nothing like a Survivor Auction to reunite a disparate group of castaways. $500 doesn’t go a long way in the outback, but we’re sure Jordan will testify that you can’t put a price on the sweet taste of a parma and pint. Or in KJ’s case, a cup of tea with a secret advantage as the sweetener. 

KJ’s secret advantage earned her the power to choose three people to leave Tribal Council that evening, meaning they would not be able to vote, and they could not be voted for. Given her position in the game, the timing of this advantage couldn’t have been sweeter.

Shay was crowned the Survivor Auction hero, as she sacrificed her own letter from home so that everyone else could hear from their loved ones. Josh was particularly thankful, as his letter contained an ultrasound that confirmed he was going to become a father, giving him a fresh surge of motivation to fight for the title of Sole Survivor.

Today, Josh walked away with his first Individual Immunity win, cementing himself a one in eight shot at winning the game.

The Joker and the Thief, more commonly known as Jordie and Sam, battled it out back at camp as Jordie continued with his campaign to shine a light on Sam’s stolen idol. 

Thankfully, KJ was able to action her secret advantage at Tribal Council, which saw ringleaders Chrissy, Mark and Josh sent back to camp, and the minority back in power.

KJ wanted to change the narrative, and she did just that as her alliance eliminated Jordan, sending the first member of the majority home.

Jordan explained: “Definitely didn’t see this coming. We did a lot of work to get those guys out of the game, but they fought their way back in, and now I’m gone. Respect to KJ, that was an amazing move.”


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