Cyclone Alert on The Big Adventure

Cyclone Alert on The Big Adventure

Well that elimination was just a bit shocking.

Country charm wasn’t enough to save carpenter Todd ‘TC’ Cranney from elimination as he became the sixth player to be sent home on  The Big Adventure .


Game play got dirty as Natalia engaged in some foul play to become Arena champion. In the equation solving challenge, she deliberately threw Julie off by shouting numbers at her.

It worked with Natalia the last one left standing. But the number sledging incident left a bitter taste in Julie’s mouth, especially since the women had agreed to stick together. “I’m pretty down and upset Natalia decided to target me today.”

With Paula chosen as her opposing team captain, they conspired to send TC home. Before departing the island, the Queenslander had to relinquish his golden key to another player.

TC chose Mark, who now has two keys – the most of any player. “I think Mark deserves it,” he said. “He’s the strongest player out there. If that key opens a million bucks, good luck to him.”

Natalia’s win-at-all-costs attitude hasn’t won her any friends but she did unearth her first golden key, bringing her one step closer to becoming a millionaire. 

Seven golden keys and sx players still remain as  The Big Adventure continues 8:30 PM Sunday on Seven.