Coyote Review

Coyote Review

When Coyote begins, we are thrown into the world of Ben Clemmins (Michael Chiklis, The Sheild), a veteran Border Patrol Agent working along the border. While using a restroom, he discovers a hidden tunnel, and upon investigation, becomes a hero when he rescues those inside. But upon returning to the office, he is surprised to find his own retirement party.

Now with a lot of free time on his hands, Ben offers a hand to his former partner Javy’s widow, Valerie, who’s asked Ben to help finish their cabin in Mexico. It’s here where Ben’s story takes a turn when he crosses paths with pregnant 17-year-old waitress María Elena Flores (Emy Mena), who is caught up with the wrong kind of people.

Ben finds himself facing a conundrum when he is forced to help the very people he used to stop from entering the country, who are up against the very dangerous ‘El Cartin’ (Juan Pablo Raba), the head of a small family cartel.

With his family at risk, will Ben be able to survive helping María? Only time will tell.

Throughout the two episodes provided for review, writers Michael Carnes, Josh Gilbert and David Graziano take an interesting premise and provide the right amount of action and plots twists to hook the audience. Michael Chiklis is no doubt very good at conveying the struggles of Ben and gives a decent performance. Australia’s own George Puller (Fighting Season) is given a chance to shine as he is drawn into the action as Ben’s former colleague Garrett Cox.

Coyote is perfect for those needing a little action fix this week. Between its interesting premise and Michael Chiklis making his return to the small screen, it’s bound to please many.

3 Stars

Coyote drops on Paramount+ on Monday


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