Courtney Hancock eliminated from I’m a Celebritity

Champion ironwoman Courtney Hancock was the first to leave the African jungle.

Having been stripped of all luxuries, Courtney embraced the simple life in camp, making fast friends with all other celebrities.

A week ago, Courtney parachuted from great heights into the African wilderness. Teamed with the other skydivers, Courtney lost the season’s first challenge, Guts or Glory, which resulted in a dunk in a tank of offal and fish guts and a slow walk into camp.

Things improved for our ironwoman from there, as she became a much-treasured member of camp. Courtney’s shared athletic interests with Paul “The Chief” Harragon saw the pair team up in physical pursuits around camp, which included a private tap dancing lesson from fellow camp mate and West End choreographer, Bonnie Lythgoe.

A generous, fun and thoughtful camp mate, the other celebrities were shocked to see Courtney depart.